52 Pegasus Main Street

Pegasus Town

PO Box  78041

 Pegasus, 7648

Phone 03 920 4060

Fax   03 920 4061


Our Services include


  • General and Family Medicine
  • Well Child Checks and Immunisations
  • Women's Health
  • Travel advice and Immunisations
  • Wellness Checks
  • Sports Medicine and joint injections
  • Acute Conditions and Emergencies
  • Skin Cancer Clinic
  • Nurse clinics offering health advice and follow-ups ( Diabetic Clinics, Cardio-Vascular Risk Assessments, Mental Health Support, Smear taking  and Smoking Cessation)
  • Laboratory Services (Blood tests are done at the medical centre during weekdays)



•   Low-Cost Visits for those with Community Services Cards and their dependants.

                                                                        • FREE doctors visits for children under 14.


Consult Fees


Enrolled Patients


                              Consultation          ACC


0-13 years                   Free                   Free


14 -17 years                $36                    $30

14 -17 years CSC       $13                    $11


18+ years                    $50                    $36

Nurse Consult             $27                    $20


18+ years CSC           $19.50               $17

Nurse Consult             $15


Saturday surcharge for patients 14+    $30


Casual Patients ( Eligible NZ Residents )


                             Consultation          ACC


0-13 years                   $29                   $17

Saturdays                    Free                  Free


14 -17 years                $65                   $45

                                    $50 CSC


18+ years                     $80                  $45

                                     $55 CSC



All Overseas Visitors/ Non Eligible residents  $90


Repeat Prescriptions   $20  ( 14 years +),  $15  (18 years old+ with CSC) ,  $10 ( 14-17 years old with CSC),  Free (0-13 year olds) . allow at least 48 hours .

                                                 $30  Urgent same day


Driver's Licence renewal Medicals: $50

Please book a separate appointment for this , as it takes time and can not be combined with other requests.


Home Visits  & Saturday clinics incur an additional charge

Document Completion may incur an additional charge

Payment is to be made on the day of your appointment unless prior arrangement has been made.

Fees not paid on the day incur a $10 administration fee.


  • Sexual Health Visits FREE under 18 years old
  • Free Child immunisations
  • Free Palliative care visits
  • Subsidised  Packages of Care for acute illnesses
  • ACC Accredited provider.
  • Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for skin check and management


Procedure Fees


Cervical Smear                             $35   ($19 with CSC)

Pregnancy test (over 17years)     $15

Blood Test                                     $10

Blood Pressure check                   $10

Dressing                              From $20   $15 CSC

Ear syringing                                 $40

Liquid Nitrogen                    From $15

ECG                                              $45

Document Completion         From $10


Mirena Insertion                           $150 (Dr Robinson)

Jadelle insertion                           $150 (Dr Dehn)

Jadelle removal                            $150 (Dr Dehn)


Full Skin / Mole Check                  $150   ( 30 minute appointment)

MusculoSkeletal Review               $100 ( Non ACC)  If ACC only surcharge - 30 minutes appointment - Dr George Dehn

Full Medical                                  $110  ( 2 appointments and blood test)




The starting fee for excision of a lesion is $250. This includes follow-up visits, dressings and removal of sutures ( if any).

This will increase if there is multiple lesions, or more suture material are needed for the procedure, or a more complex excision/ closure ( flap or graft) is needed.

Your doctor will clarify the fees when the procedure is explained.


For complicated procedures and for referrals from other medical centres, an initial consultation is required to view the lesion and plan/discuss options and surgery. This appointment is charged the same as a normal consultation.

If you have financial difficulties, your doctor may be able to access a subsidy from the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) for the removal  of proven skin cancer.


Punch Biospy     From $100 . This may be done by a trained nurse under directions from your doctor.



Aclasta Infusion : A planning consultation and blood tests (if required) need to be done with your doctor at least one week before the infusion.  This will be charged as a normal consultation.

 The infusion takes about 30 minutes with the nurse and is charged at $110


Notes :

Appointments are 15 minute slots, so please book a double appointment if you have a number of issues to discuss on the same day. Double appointments will charged a double fee. Payment is to be made on the day of your appointment unless prior arrangement has been made. Fees not paid on the day incur a $10 administration fee at the end of the month.


52 Pegasus Main Street

Pegasus Town

PO Box  78041

 Pegasus, 7648

Phone 03 920 4060

Fax   03 920 4061

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