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Policies and Guidelines to Follow During COVID Pandemic


Pegasus Medical Centre is committed to providing Healthcare to all enrolled patients whether you are vaccinated or not for Covid-19.

We follow guidelines by the Ministry of Health, NZ College of GP's, Pegasus PHO. The goal is to protect our patients and staff.


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Our Policy is that payment is required on the day of the consultation unless prior arrangement has been made (For example setting up an Automatic Payment).


We aim to make payment as easy as possible by accepting payment using different methods:

Eftpos -Cash - Automatic Payments (forms available at reception)


If you have problems with your ability to pay medical fees, this should be discussed with your doctor. This way no explanations need to be given at the reception where matters discussed are less private.


Account will be sent out each month for accounts not paid within 7 days, with an administration fee of $10.



Our practice is committed to meeting our obligations under the Health Information Privacy Code (HIPC) to protect the privacy of your health information.  To ensure that we meet our obligations we have:

-  Committed to training our staff in the Health Information Privacy Code

-  Appointed a privacy officer.  The privacy officer for our practice is Chantal Woodham. If you wish to speak to her, please contact reception;

- Developed a privacy policy for our practice; and

- Made available a privacy brochure  "Your health information, Know your privacy rights".

If you want to know more you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on 0800803909

or go to the website www.privacy.org.nz





Pegasus Medical Centre acknowledges the rights of the patient outlined within the Health & Disability Commissioners Code of Rights.  We aim to provide a high quality, professional service for all patients at all times.

 If you have any complaints about the treatment or service you have received from us we would like to know.  We encourage you to provide full details of your complaint in writing to us as soon as possible so we can fully investigate your complaint.


Complaints officer:  Chantal Woodham  email : manager@pegasusmedicalcentre.co.nz


Persons responsible if complaint is about the complaints officer:  Dr John Dehn or Dr Janet Robinson


If you make a complaint to us we will:

-     Let you know that we have received your complaint within five working days unless it has been resolved to your satisfaction within that time

-     Let you know within ten working days whether or not we feel your complaint is justified.  If we need more time to investigate your complaint we will advise you of this and why more time is needed.


Once we have made a decision regarding the acceptance or otherwise of your complaint we will:

-     Provide you with reasons for our decision

-     Advise you of actions we propose to take

-     Advise you of the practice appeal procedures and your rights to complain to the Health & Disability Commissioner or the Privacy Commissioner.


For  complaints that take some time to fully resolve we will advise you about the progress of your complaint each month.


At any time you require we will provide you with all the information that the Pegasus Medical Centre holds that is or may be relevant to your complaint.

Test Results


Following a test, if you do not hear from us, you can assume the results were normal.

All abnormal results are followed up by the clinical staff who will call or text you on your provided telephone number. Please ensure with reception that your details are correct.

We are more than happy for you to check on your results status, or confirm that they are normal by contacting the practice.

Please contact us and make an appointment to see your doctor if your problem is not resolving and your require further investigation.

Please note reception is not able too help you with your results, in the event you call and a nurse is not available, a message will be left and you will be contacted by the end of the day on your preferred phone number.




52 Pegasus Main Street

Pegasus Town

PO Box  78041

 Pegasus, 7648

Phone 03 920 4060





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