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Flu Vaccination Season 2019

First clinic by appointment 13 April 19. For flyer and dates click here.


Measles in Canterbury

We understand many people may be anxious about these cases.


Anyone who is concerned that they or someone they are caring for has measles symptoms, or concerned that they have been exposed to measles should call our nurse for advice – Ph 920 4060


Please read below for further information:

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness spread by contact with respiratory secretions through coughing and sneezing.

Symptoms of measles include:


• A respiratory type of illness with dry cough, runny nose, headache


• Temperature over 38.5 C and feeling very unwell.


• A red blotchy rash starts on day 4-5 of the illness usually on the face and moves to the chest and arms.


People are infectious from five days before the onset of the rash to five days after the rash starts.


Anyone believing they have been exposed to measles or exhibiting symptoms, should not come into the practice or to after hour clinics, but call for advice.  Infected persons should stay in isolation – staying home from school or work – during this time.


 MMR vaccines are in  very limited supply.


Since original advice given we have now been advised to prioritise vaccines to the most at risk:


Priority 1: Children aged 12 months to 13 years who have never been vaccinated


Priority 2: Children and adults aged 14 years to 28 years who have never been vaccinated


People born before 1969 are considered very low risk as they would have been infected naturally and are very likely to have immunity.

People who have had one dose of MMR are likely to have 95% protection from developing measles.



Dr John Dehn, Dr Janet Robinson, Dr Joanne Macgregor,

 Dr Meredith Hicks, Dr Jian Yang Tham and Dr Don Ponnamperuma


along with their professional and friendly team provide a full range of general and family healthcare

and are committed to making excellent care available in our community.


John and Janet have been working in North Canterbury over the last 14 years,

and have a vast experience in general, acute medical and accident care.


Joanne has been living and practising in North Canterbury for 7 years,


Meredith worked as a GP in Christchurch for 17 years. She has been living in North Canterbury for 10 years,

with her husband and 3 children. She is looking forward to working in the North Canterbury community,

getting to know people living in the area, and contributing to their health and well being.


Jian Yang has been practising as a GP in Singapore since 2010.He chose family medicine because it allows him

 to provide care for patients and their families in the community.

Along with his wife and daughter, he arrived in New Zealand in early 2017 and is very happy to be part of the team in Pegasus .


Drs Dehn , Robinson, Macgregor, Hicks and Tham believe that it is important in general practice

 to allow sufficient time to listen to people, and establish a trustful doctor- patient relationship.

This relationship facilitates an approach to healthcare that is on a different level

than simply diagnosis and treatment.


FEE REDUCTIONS - From December 2018

•  Low-Cost Visits for those with Community Services Cards and their dependants.

• Additional funding will also extend FREE doctors visits for children under 14


NB Appointment times are indicative. The Doctors and Nurses try their best to be on time. However, due to the nature of General Practice, acute and unwell patients and patients arriving late, there might be a wait time. Our receptionists will inform you of that, if there is any.

We appreciate your understanding.

If you can not make it to your appointment, kindly call us to cancel, so that another patient can have the slot.







 After Hours : In Emergencies Call 111 and ask for an ambulance To speak to a registered nurse call 03 920 4060 The experienced nurses provide advice regarding the immediate management of your concerns. They can help you decide if you need to go the 24 hour surgery at 401 Madras st Christchurch, or will reassure you that it is safe to wait until the medical centre is open



Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross for comprehensive skin examinations, skin cancer surgery and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment’




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52 Pegasus Main Street

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PO Box  78041

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Phone 03 920 4060

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